Customer's balance funding source availability

(Jacob Ramirez) #1

I would like to know if is there any occasion in which a costumer’s balance may not be available for processing transfers. So far all I know is that if a customer has not been verified yet, we cannot do anything with his/her balance unit it is completely verified. I wonder if there are other scenarios I’m missing in which balance is not available.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Jacob_Ramirez, Are you referring to the balance which is held in the Dwolla network for a Verified Customer or the balance of the Customer’s attached bank account?

(Jacob Ramirez) #3

The one in the Dwolla network for a Verified Customer.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@Jacob_Ramirez, when the Verified Customer account is initially created it can be placed in a few different verification states (retry, document, suspended, or verified). Reference the workflow below for the possible paths a CIP Verified Customer account can take. When the account is placed in a verified state then Dwolla will systematically attach the balance funding source. This balance funding source will always show a verified status. Regardless of the funding source status, there are things such as Customer account statuses that can affect transaction send/receive eligibility. We would typically recommend using the links returned on the Customer when retrieving it from the API to determine transaction eligibility. If the account is eligible to send then you should see a send link rel returned on the Customer. If the account is eligible to receive funds then you should see a receive link rel returned on the Customer.

Customer states:
created -> verified — (Happy path)
created -> retry -> document -> verified
created -> retry -> suspended
created -> retry -> verified
created -> document -> verified
created -> suspended