About Dwolla Balance and Dwolla BankAccount

How to add Customer Dwolla balance and Customer bank. how to differentiate this is the Dwolla balance funding source and the other is the Dwolla bank funding source?

Hi @fahad_ashraf , The Balance is a Funding Source that gets systematically attached to Verified Customer records when the are created and have a status of “verified”. You don’t need to do anything other than ensuring that this end-user/Customer type has completed the identity verification process.

A bank can be added in a few different ways, 1) you can call the Dwolla API to submit the bank details (account number, routing number and type). 2) you can utilize a third party provider such as plaid which offers more of a instant auth option.

When you list funding sources for an end-user/Customer record, you should be able to differentiate the two by looking at the value in the type field.