Differentiating between Credit and Debit Customer Transfer records

I would like to know how to differentiate a credit transfer from a debit transfer on a customer’s List of transfers.
When I hit this endpoint, https://api.dwolla.com/customers/{id}/transfers , and get a customer’s List of transfers, I want to be able to differentiate debit from credit transfers.

Hi @OlatunjiYso – to differentiate if a customer’s transfer is a Debit or a Credit, you will need to retrieve the source and destination funding-sources to determine which of the funding-sources belongs to the Customer. If the source is the customer’s bank, then it would be considered a Debit. Similarly, if the destination is the customer’s bank, then it would considered a Credit.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks, @shreya. Your response is very helpful!

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