Documents API - Document Duplication

Hi! I was reviewing the Dwolla’s change logs and on the log of 2020-03-06 it says “Removed support for uploading duplicate documents for a Customer in document status”. Is this duplication per document type? For example, if the customer uploaded their license and Dwolla rejects it, the customer can’t send a license document again. They would need to send another document type such as passport or other, right?


Hey @Federico_Markus this change was meant to prevent the duplication of existing documents that had not been reviewed.
So if I sent one document of my driver’s license, I couldn’t keep sending it over and over if it hadn’t been reviewed.

In the case where a document is rejected, we will send you a webhook of customer_verification_document_failed.
Within the webhook payload, you can find a link to the document resource which can be used to identify the document failureReason to give guidance to your Customer on how to best upload their document for review success.

Additionally, you can also use the API to retrieve the document failureReason at anytime.