Customer 'document' verification

Hello. If customer have ‘document’ status i can upload into dwolla API few documents in a row. Should I limit document upload count to 1 in my app? Will one document be enough? Are there any best practices for this?

Hi @RussianPupok_Pupok – while you can have up to 4 documents in review, we generally see users uploading one piece of document; that would be our recommendation as well. The document verification result should come back instantly, so if the document does fail, the user can upload another document or take a clearer picture of the same document (depending on the failure reason).
Hope that helps!

I have a question.
When a customer with the status ‘retry’ updates his profile will update his status instantly?
‘The document(s) will then be reviewed by Dwolla; this review may take up to 1-2 business days to approve or reject.’
But about retry status update time I see nothing in documentation.

Hi @RussianPupok_Pupok – That’s correct! When a customer in retry status updates their information and hit’s submit, they immediately move into either a verified or document status. Document verification can also be instant, except for when the document requires manual verification.