Customer verification retry status

(Prakash S L) #1


How can i get retry status from Dwolla for customer verification. Do i need to send any specific request, because every time i am getting verified status only from Dwolla.
Same for document status also, what i need to send as a request to Dwolla for get document status.


(Spencer Hunter) #2

Since we don’t perform identity verification on accounts in the Sandbox environment, we allow you to pass in a sentinel value for simulating the verification status you wish the Verified Customer to be placed in after Customer creation.

To simulate the various statuses in the Sandbox, submit either verified, retry, document, or suspended in the firstName parameter in order to create a new Verified Customer with that status.

Customer verification statuses workflows:
created -> verified — (Happy path)
created -> retry -> document -> verified
created -> retry -> suspended
created -> retry -> verified
created -> document -> verified

For more information on handling verification statuses for this Customer type, reference our Customer verification resource article.

(Prakash S L) #3

If i give those values as firstName parameter still i am getting unverified status only.
I am kind of block here please help me to test these status.


(Spencer Hunter) #4

@Prakash_S_L, Can you reply back with the request body that is getting sent to the API?

(Prakash S L) #5

Sorry for late update, it is working fine now i missed some field in the request.
Thanks for the replay.