How to put a Sandbox Verified Customer into Retry Status


We understand in production our Dwolla support person needs to put a Verified customer into Retry. But we want to replicate that process for testing in our Sandbox. We were told that using the Customer API and change the first name to Retry would still work for Verified customers. but when we try that we get an error in the says we can’t change that info, –

“errorMessage”: “{“error”:“SERVER_ERROR”,“message”:”{\“code\”:\“ValidationError\”,\“message\”:\“Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.\”,\"_embedded\":{\“errors\”:[{\“code\”:\“ReadOnly\”,\“message\”:\“FirstName cannot be modified.\”,\“path\”:\"/firstName\",\"_links\":{}}]}}",“httpStatus”:500}"

Hi @jlansden

It sounds like you are attempting to use the retry verification endpoint, which is to be used when a customer already has a status of retry.

You are correct in that you should use the first name to reflect the status of what you want to see, but in order to create a customer with the different statuses in the sandbox, it needs to be a new customer.

Let me know if this works for you, or if you have any questions


We have a scenario in production with our Dwolla account manager where she is going to put an existing verified customer in Retry status. We want to test this in our development environment to see if the app behaves the same way. So we do need a way in sandbox to put an existing customer in retry. Is that not possible?

Hi @jlansden

Thanks for that background. It is possible, we just have to do it manually on our side. Would you be able to share the customerId and the email you are using for your sandbox account? Feel free to DM this if it is sensitive information.

Thank you.
This is the customer url.

it’s a test user so not sensitive

Hi @jlansden , that test user has been put into a retry status. Please let us know if we can do anything else to assist!

Thank you that worked!

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Hi @spencer, I’m facing the same issue than @jlansden: I need to test “retry” status from Sandbox, but I can not get a customer with this status on my own.
Can you please update this customer to “retry” status : 48b87074-c870-4fb1-92d6-36f5cc19cf38 ?
I can give you my email/account ID by DM if needed.

Hi @vince

To simulate the various statuses in the Sandbox, submit either verified , retry , kba , document , or suspended in the firstName parameter in order to create a new Verified Customer with that status.

More info on testing in the sandbox environment can be found here

If this didn’t help feel free to DM me the email you used for your sandbox account as Spencer is OOO today, @vince

Thank you very much @kmoreira I missed this.
However, when I enter “retry” as firstName, I’m asked for documents, so, depending on which test document I upload, the customer status will become “verified” or “document”, but not “retry”, so I can not test my app UI for “retry” status.
Any advice?

@vince I have have been able to get this working in sandbox. I believe we might have put a capital “Retry” in the first name but not sure.

Are you able to get verified status if you just enter regular names?

Thanks @jlansden !

If this is the case I’ll make sure to create a ticket, so that we may update this in the docs and make it more clear.

@vince I had already put 48b87074-c870-4fb1-92d6-36f5cc19cf38 in retry before reading Jennifer’s message, but feel free to give Retry instead of retry a shot as the first name if you’d like to test that out with another customer

No problem it’s working fine with lowercase “retry”.

One little snag when using drop-in components it that creating a “retry” customer toggles “document” screen, so we can not test a simple “retry” customer with getting rid off documents step.
No problem with API calls.

Hi Vince!

When in the drop-in component, did you enter retry as the firstName for the User again? If so, then that will trigger the document status which is reflected in the drop-in as well. If you’d like the Customer to be verified after the retry attempt, try entering a different in the firstName field instead of retry. That should get them verified!