Dwolla Sandbox and Retry verification status

I have successfully created a Sandbox user with a verification status of retry.

If I re-send the same user information, but with a random 9 digit SSN, and with the same first name of retry, what is the expected response from the Dwolla Sandbox API?

I ask because it seems like I sometimes get a response with a verification status of kba, but sometimes I get retry again. Is it expected to be random? Or should I expect a specific verification status in this scenario? I am just trying to understand the Sandbox behavior in this situation.

Hi @alan_s – When you have KBA enabled, you should get the status "kba" right after "retry" for personal verified Customers. For business verified Customers you would get the status "document".

Would you be able to share any instances of the Customer going from retry back to retry again? I can take a closer look to see what’s up.

Hi @shreya - Looks like I’m running into a different problem.

I submit with a first name of “retry”, and then I get a response expecting the 9 digit SSN. I then send all the same user info, with the only change being the 9 digit SSN instead of 4 digit, but then I get the error response from Dwolla that a user with that email already exists. Code: Duplicate

This isn’t expected. Is that because I’m resubmitting the form for a 2nd time with the name “retry”? Shouldn’t I have gotten the “kba” response on the 2nd try?

Hi Alan,

Yes – with KBA enabled for your account, you should get the kba status on the second attempt with the name “retry”.

Are you submitting the info again to the Customer update endpoint (/customers/{{customer-id-to-retry}}) or to the create endpoint (/customers)? It sounds like it’s the latter. If so, you’ll want to use the update request. If that’s not it, let us know what the customer Id is so we can take a close look!

Hi @Josh_Lippiner

Could you share the customer id with us?

Thanks! I was trying to bump this up for you on my end, but wasn’t able to force it.

This is expected as all customers require an email address. A step I would attempt would be to try using a different email.

If the current email is the desired email, I would still attempt to change it while the user is in this current state until it becomes verified. This should free up the original email and you should be able to update the account with it later on successfully.