Delete Customer issue

I have created one customer in dwolla sandbox and I have suspended also. Then using same Email id , I am not able to create customer. In my dwolla sandbox so many customers , I have created so how can I reuse my same email id for creating customer

Hi Preeti – you will need to deactivate customer in order to be able to reuse the email address for another Customer!

Another tip for reusing your own email for multiple customer accounts is by adding an alias to the email, like so:

Thanks for reply. I have one more query. In which situation will get status retry or document or kba or how to test in my sandbox mode. Please send example request body so I can use that request body to create retry status

Hi @Preeti_gupta – here’s our guide on simulating the different verification statuses for Customers - Getting started in the sandbox | Dwolla API Documentation

For example, here’s the request body to create a Personal Verified Customer in retry status -


  "firstName": "retry",
  "lastName": "Doe",
  "email": "",
  "ipAddress": "",
  "type": "personal",
  "address1": "99-99 33rd St",
  "city": "Some City",
  "state": "NY",
  "postalCode": "11101",
  "dateOfBirth": "1970-01-01",
  "ssn": "1234"