Dwolla Business Verified Customer Document Verification

I have been facing the following issues while verifying my business customer with ‘document status’.

suppose API returns me a response to upload both business and controller document.

So in my interface do I give the option to upload document one by one and submit that to Dwolla endpoint.

  • I just want to confirm suppose my client upload controller documents and forgot to upload business documents then in this case what Dwolla returns in webhook so I can notify my client to upload business document too?
  • How do I know the document uploaded by the client is not sufficient as he will have to upload additional documents?
  • Do I have to upload controller and business documents in a single request or can upload one by one?
  • Suppose I upload three document (2 business + 1 controller) then the Dwolla team rejects one document and approves other two. Then how we handle those cases to determine either the customer verified or not?

Hi @jinku8work, thanks for posting! See my replies below…

It’s recommended to use the _links that are returned on the Customer object in order to determine what documents are required to be uploaded. As referenced here, after receiving the customer_verification_document_needed webhook, you’d make a GET https://api.dwolla.com/customers/{id} to retrieve the links which indicate which documents are needed (Business or individual).

If an uploaded document is rejected, which triggers the customer_verification_document_failed webhook, you can obtain the failure reason via the API. You’d then need to prompt the user to upload a new document. Often times, documents get rejected for being too blurry, cut off, or because of an invalid document type.

These would have to be uploaded one-by-one. The document upload endpoint only supports an individual document at this time.

After receiving the either a customer_verification_document_approved or customer_verification_document_failed event I would always recommend calling the API to retrieve the status of the Customer record. The status of the customer as well as those links should indicate if further action is needed from the end user.