Dwolla Dashboard queries

Hi ,
So many things are missing in Dwolla dashboard, I am using sandbox account now. After some days will go for production. But Really its very disappointed about dwolla dashboard. We dont have web hook tab to see my events, we dont have payin option also like customer to dwolla master account, we dont have failure transaction tab and so on. How to handle these things in Dwolla dashboard if marketing team wants to do it manually. How to update customer fields update from dwolla dashboard. we can create customer but we cant update, delete . we can deactivate and suspend customer but we cant unsuspend customer . Plz help me in these queries

Hi @Preeti_gupta – I apologize if you had a different idea about what all is possible with our Dashboard. It’s really meant to be more of an informational site for data related to your Dwolla account like Customers, Transactions and Funding-sources rather than an application from which you can interact with all endpoints of the API.

It does support some lightweight functionalities, like you mentioned above (payouts to Customers). However, Pay-ins, Facilitation and onboarding Verified Customers would all need to be done via the API since it requires end-user interaction through your platform.

If wanting to provide some elevated functionalities like editing a User’s information, or debiting their bank account (if they have agreed for on-demand authorization) to your team members, we recommend building out a dashboard-like site for your internal team members to perform actions with the Dwolla API.

As for some of the points you mentioned above, I can help clarify them!

Webhooks: The webhook data is available in Production, but a bit hidden in Sandbox. You’ll have to navigate here to finds the webhook details - https://dashboard-sandbox.dwolla.com/applications

Failed transactions: You can view your Master Account’s failed transactions by navigating to “Transactions” tab and filtering the list by “failed” status. Same for an individual customer. You will first have to go into the particular Customer’s page and then filter their list of transactions.

Delete Customers: There are some data retention rules we need to abide by which prohibits us from deleting Customers. You can only deactivate or suspend them.

Unsuspending Customers: Only Dwolla can unsuspend a Customer. This isn’t supported in the Dashboard or the API. You will have to reach us out if you need to unsuspend a Customer.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for reply. Really its very useful information for us. But again facing issues in creating customer again if already email id is in dwolla whether it is suspended too.
could you please help me in this.
One more things, Can dwolla does try payment 2-3 times if payment failed?