Dwolla is delighted to become a Global Sponsor at CodeDay

My experiences with students have shown time and time again how brilliant the unabashed mind can be when given the opportunity. Which is why the idea of a bunch of student hackers coming together to build amazing things is a no brainer for Dwolla to get involved in.

We’re delighted to be a part of CodeDay.

What is it?

CodeDay is a hackathon for students on May 24-25 that takes place all across the country.

We’ve joined Splunk and Amazon AWS team in sponsoring CodeDay after being introduced through @brettneese who is probably reading this somewhere in Hong Kong.

If you’re a student, find one of the events. They’re everywhere and they’re great.

We’ll be present at the Iowa event and hopefully the Omaha and Minneapolis event as well.

See you May 24-25!

We’ll be at a few other Hackathons this year as well. If you have one you’d like to get Dwolla involved in just post here and we’ll sort it from there.


thanks @bpmilne for making this happen. your support is helping make 2000+ students across the united states very very happy and very excited about tech. :smile:

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This is fantastic. We’re stoked for CodeDay!

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