Joining Forces - Introducing Dwolla’s Partner Ecosystem

Joining Forces - Introducing Dwolla’s Partner Ecosystem

In 2015, Dwolla opened its API to the public. With this API, organizations across the United States could connect their applications to the U.S. banking system. As we have scaled our own business, many of the initial businesses that we onboarded years ago have also scaled. One of the recurring themes of supporting our API Clients as they grow is providing additional services to scale their own businesses.

Adding more services to the Dwolla Platform has been a process of understanding our API Clients’ needs.

In 2017, we partnered with Plaid, a tokenized solution to add a bank in seconds for Customer records. That same year, Dwolla partnered with Sift to offer an option to bolster and automate fraud protection for our API Clients.

Introducing the Partnership Ecosystem

In 2019, we have made significant strides in being able to connect our API Clients with additional services that complement their integration with the Dwolla Platform, and we are proud to announce the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem. These key partnerships include a wide spectrum of different solutions for various use cases.

Current International Payment Solutions

  • CurrencyCloud and TransferMate are partnering with Dwolla to offer international payments solutions to add value to our API Clients with prospects of growth outside the United States

Dwolla API System Integrators

  • We Write Code is a company that is familiar with the Dwolla API and its integration. They have partnered with Dwolla to assist API clients with technical integration solutions.

We’re Looking for Partners

Being an integral part of our Clients’ applications means a lot to us, but expanding on the capabilities brings more value than simply moving money via ACH. Our API Clients are scaling. Dwolla is here to support their desired growth.

The Dwolla Partner Ecosystem provides our Ecosystem Partners with easier access to a new segment of potential customers and benefits our API Clients with a better, more complete offering for their platform.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, or how to become a featured partner, reach out to our team at