Yodlee vs. Dwolla

(Joyanta Raksmith) #1


I am totally new to payments in general (though I have done stripe-subscription api integration - but it is credit cards of course).

Just wanted to find out more about Dwolla in comparison to Yodlee, “specifically”:

  • Yodlee - you can connect your account(s), check balances and I think you can transfer money to them etc.

  • With dwolla, do you have the same sorts of set up, Can connect multiple accounts and can transfer money from one account to another? If yes which banks do you work with? Or is dwolla purely a payment/transfer solution?

(Ben Milne) #2

You can use Yodlee for acquiring bank information and transaction history. We also see partners using Quovo, Plaid, and more recently, Finicity.

Dwolla’s focus is in integrating with you and these partners to make transfering the money easy when you want to do that. There’s a multitude of folks doing this and if you need any guidance on best practices we’re happy to help.

(Joyanta Raksmith) #3

Thank you.

Regarding “guidance on best practices we’re happy to help”. Do you have any pre-existing online/off line documentation?

(Ben Milne) #4

There’s no templates today but it’s almost all done as help in hipchat or slack. That being said, it would be helpful to those researching to learn how to do it prior to actually doing it.

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