Dwolla wallet APIs


So we have to integrate Dwolla in our application with following use case Users of our app can send money to each other.

The flow will be as follows

  1. User creates and account on our app and we will create a verified user on Dwolla. Using API Dwolla API docs

  2. Then user will link his bank account using Dwolla’s web view Instant Account Verification (IAV) Using Transfer between users - Attach a verified funding source | Dwolla API Documentation

  3. Now for sending transfer we have 3 possible ways

3.1 Send directly form user A’s bank account to user B’s bank account using Transfer between users - Create a transfer | Dwolla API Documentation

3.2 User A first funds his wallet (dwolla wallet) from his linked funding source and then sends Money to user B’s wallet (which is instant)

3.3 User A directly funds user B’s wallet from his funding source

For for 3.2 & 3.3 possible way I didn’t find any API on how to

  • Create wallet
  • How to fund wallet
  • How to transfer funds between wallet
  • How to take payout in linked bank account from wallet

Can you please guide us through these documentations?

Hi @Amrit_Sidhu ,

The “wallet” or Dwolla Balance is automatically made available to all Verified type customers as soon as their identity is verified. This Dwolla Balance is like any other funding-source with a funding-source ID which can be used in the transfer request as the source or destination of funds. You can find more detailed information about the Dwolla Balance in our docs - Dwolla Balance | Dwolla API Documentation

I think that should answer all of you questions, but if not, please let us know!

Thank you so much. I will go through this and let you know if I have any further questions.