Get balance and pay negative balance

Hello @team, Please clear which API is used to get user Dwolla wallet balance and bank account balance.

And how to pay the negative balance, If available any API please share with me.

Hi @Dashrath_Sakvadiya

We do not have an endpoint to GET a user’s bank account balance, however if you would like to retrieve a user’s Dwolla balance, you can call the Retrieve a Funding Source Balance

If a customer has a negative Dwolla balance they can initiate a transfer from the bank to cover the negative balance. Further, any transfer made to that customer will cover the negative balance until it is made in full (until the negative balance is at $0.00), before it will process to their bank account

Okay @kmoreira ,Thanks

I checked the initiate a transfer section but in this section we need source and destination account for transfer amount. But we need to manage Dwolla wallet balance from the bank account and need to manage it by the same bank account where Dwolla wallet is linked.

Hi @Dashrath_Sakvadiya

I’m not sure I follow the below:

In case the docs wasn’t clear, you can initiate a transfer using the source as a bank and the destination as your wallet as well as vice versa. Let me know if this clears things up. If not can you please elaborate?