Yodlee+Dwolla vd Plaid+Dwolla?

Hi, has anybody done Yodlee+Dwolla integration and how does it compare to Plaid+Dwolla?
What are the pros and cons?

We want to use Yodlee or Plaid just for a) instant account verification and b) balance checking.

Dwolla.js is basically a wrapped Yodlee integration. Although Yodlee might have some new functionality if you go direct to them.

Dwolla.js is very goof for bank verification but I don’t think the balance check is quite as good as the Plaid integration..

@bpmilne Dwolla does not offer balance check anymore, but Plaid and Yodlee do. That’s why we need to use Plaid or Yodlee. The question is which one of them to use - Plaid or Yodlee…

Hi @Cowboy, like Ben mentioned, Plaid is a more preferred route of bank verification as they have a tokenized integration with Dwolla. Along with their Balance check feature, Plaid also has a solid front-end module for authenticating with bank accounts with a UI that provides a native feel. Dwolla does support both methods for bank verification.