Dwolla Offline Simulation

(Jacob Ramirez) #1

I am currently implementing a feature on my project in which I need to handle all different Dwolla failure scenarios (think of R codes). But there is one scenario I am not quite sure how to simulate it and I can’t find anything in the API documentation about it.

So I wonder if there is a way that Dwolla somehow ignores my requests so I can interpret that as Dwolla being offline or at least give me back a 503 status code.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Jacob_Ramirez, are you looking to reproduce error responses from the Dwolla API or transaction failures (R codes)?

It sounds like you’re looking to simulate a specific endpoint returning a 5xx level status code. Is that correct?

(Jacob Ramirez) #3

That is correct

(Spencer Hunter) #4

We do not offer any way to simulate various status codes in the Sandbox environment, therefore I’d recommend mocking out any 500 response from the Dwolla API.