How to create alarm to notify Product owners on an error noticed or failure of Dwolla API

How can I create alarm(email,sms etc) to notify uses on an error noticed or failure of Dwolla API. Is there any way to notify users or business owners on failures seen on Dwolla API

Hi @VISHNU_KUMAR! You can do so by subscribing to our webhooks! We will send HTTP requests to your application to notify you of any actions that occur in Dwolla, and you can choose to use that info to update your database and/or send notification to your users.

Here are some relevant resources to webhooks -

Thanks @shreya for the reply.Do we have any end point to get the servrer status?

Hi @VISHNU_KUMAR – I’m afraid we don’t have an endpoint to get the server’s status, but we do post any incidents and updates in our status page that you can subscribe to -