Dwolla White Paper - InfoSec Starter Kit

Building and Maturing an Information Security Program

Dwolla’s foundation is predicated on enabling money movement. Whether it’s between two customers splitting the payment for a bar tab, or an investment firm putting down funds for a multi-million dollar real estate deal, being able to have the confidence in your payment provider and other partners to keep your information secure is important.

Inherently vital to our business, security is in our DNA.

To help share these valuable insights, Dwolla wrote and released a whitepaper that outlines the recommended best practices for building and growing a sound InfoSec program to help your business protect information for you and your customers.

Building an InfoSec strategy is key to the success of your application. These insights can help you understand:

  • The basics of information security
  • Risk and how your company can assess tolerance
  • Assessing third-party providers
  • InfoSec program growth stages and benchmarks

Start Strengthening Your InfoSec Program Now

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