Endpoint not receiving webhook requests


I am working with a webhook to handle transferring money between accounts within the same customer. When the money is successfully transferred from the first account into the Dwolla balance, my webhook should send a request to a new endpoint so that I can initiate the second transfer. However, the webhook cannot seem to find my new endpoint, even though I can send requests to the same endpoint just fine using the same URL from the frontend. How can I get the webhook to find my endpoint?

I created the webhook subscription using the code below (the intended endpoint is ‘newTransfer’):
request_body = {
‘url’: ‘http://myapplication.com/newTransfer’,
app_token.post(‘webhook-subscriptions’, request_body)

Thank you!

Hey @Anthony_Tao hope your morning is going well.
Can you paste in the webhookSubscriptionId for this particular subscription? I’m wondering if it got paused and we are no longer sending webhooks to you. If can check on my end, or you can retrieve the status of the webhook subscription on your end by calling GET https://api.dwolla.com/webhook-subscriptions/{id}

As a reminder we will pause a webhook subscription after 400 consecutive failures. Any response code >=400, as well as timeouts constitutes a failure.

To unpause a webhook subscription, you can POST to https://api.dwolla.com/webhook-subscriptions/{id} and set the paused parameter to false

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Hi @CoolStoryCory thanks for the response!

My webhook subscription ID is b488e721-406d-453c-b223-c9198a2694ad. I also checked myself and the webhook is not paused. It’s sending requests to the endpoint and receiving 404 response codes.

Do you have tutorials on API

Hi @Anthony_Tao, when your application receives a webhook, it should respond with a HTTP 2xx status code to indicate successful receipt. If Dwolla receives a status code greater than or equal to 3xx, or your application fails to respond within 10 seconds of the attempt, another attempt will be made. Dwolla will not follow redirects and will treat them as a failure.

Dwolla will re-attempt delivery 8 times over the course of 72 hours according to the backoff schedule below. If a webhook was successfully received but you would like the information again, you can call retrieve a webhook by its Id.