Facilitator fees for transfers between funding sources belonging to the same customer

I’m getting a “Not Allowed” error for a transfer that I’m trying to make in which the source and the destination belong to the same customer: “Facilitator fees are not supported for transfers within the same account.”

This is my core use case. Will this be supported in the future? Or is there another way in which I could facilitate a fee for this use case?

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Hi @jeff_reynolds, Unfortunately we don’t currently support passing in facilitator fees on a me-to-me type transaction. Only transactions between to different users support collecting a fee. This is an item that is on our backlog and something we hope to support in the future.

Yeah so we just ran into this as well.

In our app we have stores that buy and sell from each other. One business entity (Dwolla Customer) may have many stores. We expect most stores to buy and sell between different Dwolla Customers, but there will be the odd sale between two stores that belong to the same Dwolla Customer.

I suppose we will work around the issue in this scenario by creating a separate Transfer from the Customer to our Master Account to charge just the fee. But obviously it complicates our implementation and our platform fee calculation (as a separate Transfer is subject to its own Dwolla fee calculations, which may differ if hitting the min or max threshold outside the 0.05% area, right?).

It would be really nice if this feature was seamless regardless of if it’s a me-to-me type transaction or not. It’s my fault for not reading the docs closely enough, yet I’m getting flashbacks to when we discovered metadata not being supported for Balance transfers - not a fun developer experience to have to carve out alternate processing paths for unexpected limitations of a feature after an initial implementation.