Who is to pay the fees related to the pricing plan?

As far as I understand, if I want to choose ‘Launch’ plan, for instance, then for every Standard ACH transfer my customers are going to perform, 0.5% fee is going to be charged. So, there are a couple of questions related to this:

  1. Who is the one to pay for this?
  2. Can I make my customers pay those kind of fees?

Hi @kostyabek

  1. The fees in the pricing page apply to you as Dwolla’s Client. These fees are collected from the billing source you attach to your Dwolla account.
  2. You can absolutely charge those fees to your Customers instead. We have a facilitator-fee object as well that you can utilize to charge your Customers a fee whenever they create a transfer.

Hope that helps!


A few questions about the facilitator fee:

  1. Can this fee be charged to the source (/destination) bank account for an ACH transfer to (/from) my Dwolla Account balance? If so, does the [charge-to].[href] object become the funding source href?

  2. If a fee is charged, is it my responsibility as the facilitator to make sure the source balance has sufficient funds to afford the additional fee?

  3. If a facilitator-fee is charged, does that actually pass the charge on to the customer, or does it charge the customer and add that to my Dwolla Account balance (or funding source)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom! Hope this helps!

  1. The charge-to will be the Customer href of the owner of the source(/destination) bank account.

  2. That is correct. While there isn’t a way to check the balance of a bank via Dwolla, there are third-party providers who support that functionality, like Plaid (who we have a Bank verification integration with).

  3. The fee is charged to the Customer and accumulated in the Master Account’s Dwolla Balance.

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Quick follow up on #2:

Is it possible to apply a fee for a Balance-to-Balance transfer (customer wallet to customer wallet or customer wallet to Master Account)?


Also, one more follow up.

When the charge-to item is included, does that fee charged net against the transaction amount, or is it in addition to the amount of the transfer?

For example, if a customer ACH transfers $100.00 to my Dwolla Balance and I include the charge-to item for say $1.00, does the full $100.00 come through and $1.00 is charged back to the funding source (bank account)?

Another example, if I do a $10.00 transfer from Verified Customer (VC#1) balance to Verified Customer (VC#2) balance with a charge-to of $0.10 to VC#1, will that be a net debit to VC#1 of $10.10?

I assume the same would apply to all transaction types?

Thanks again for all your help.

Hi @thomascjenks! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

Yes! As long as the transfer is between two different parties, this should be possible.

The fee is charged in addition to the amount of the transfer.

For clarification,

  1. All transfer fees are collected at the end of the month.
  2. Using the facilitator-fee object, allows us to charge the fee to the customer
  3. Does this fee go directly to Dwolla at the time of the completed transfer or does it go to us and you
    still charge the fee at the end of the month?

Hi @garretkbrown , For pay-ins and pay-out transfers, which is transfers that are being facilitated between your Dwolla account and an end-user/Customer record, these will be collected at the time of the transfer creation. If you’re creating an application that facilitates transactions between two end-users/Customer records, then fees will be invoiced at the end of the month.

Yes, you can collect a fee to recoup some cost that you would incur for utilizing the Dwolla services.

Assuming you’re referring to the Facilitator Fee and not the Dwolla fee, the fee amount will be sent to your Dwolla Account balance at the time of a completed transfer. The Dwolla fee would be charged to you and the facilitator fee is an amount you can charge your end-user at transfer creation.

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions or if I misunderstood any of your questions!