How long does it take for facilitator fees to end up in my dwolla account

I have a question about the timing of facilitator fees.
According to this
Retrieve fees charged on a transfer
Once a transfer is successfully created, subsequent transfers will be created that represent the associated fees on that transfer. These fees will not be charged until the transfer processes successfully to the destination user. In the event of a failed or canceled payment no fees will be charged

It sounds like fees are not charged until the transfer is successfully in the destination bank account which can take 3-5 business days. Does it take an additional 3-5 days for those fees to end up in my Dwolla account? How does Next-day and or same-day affect this timing?

Hi @joshsmith27, there are two sides to every bank to bank transaction within Dwolla. ACH debit (money being pulled from source account) and ACH credit (money being pushed to destination account). When the ACH debit is marked as processed (after 3 business days - standard ACH), the fees should complete to the Dwolla account balance of the application owner. It would be then up to you to withdraw those funds to a connected bank account.

@spencer That’s what I needed to know. Thank you!

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