How and Where is dwolla stored their fee?

I have transferred money to other account while i have used facilitator fee. But How is Dwolla cut their fee and where is it stored?

You have any idea, Then tell me as soon as possible.
Thank You

Hi @Megha_Kmphasis

Facilitator fees can be debited from either the sending or receiving user of the payment, after which the money from the fee will go to your Dwolla Master Account balance.

can you tell me from where is Dwolla taken 0.5% fee while send funds from sender to receiver?

As Dwolla mention that per transaction fee 0.5% of funds from sender and also from receiver. Then where does it show?

I have sent funds to receiver $5 then receiver has got $5 too. So where is Dwolla taken fee from send and receiver?

can you explain me?

Hi @Megha_Kmphasis – the 0.5% fee you mentioned is actually a Dwolla fee that is incurred per transaction. This fee is deducted from the billing source attached to your Dwolla account, and not from the Sender or the Receiver in a transaction.

The fee that Kelly mentioned is the Facilitator Fee, which is different from the Dwolla Fee.

Thank you.