Feature request: allow metadata for transfers with Balance funding source


We’ve been taking advantage of the metadata feature for doing Dwolla Transfers; it’s very convenient in that there are several different business objects we have that can initiate transfers - order payments, order payment refunds, etc.

Using metadata makes it really easy for us to process Dwolla’s transfer-related webhooks by setting “type” and “{type}_id” fields (e.g. {"type" => "order_payment", "order_payment_id" => 123}) to reference our business objects right from Dwolla’s data without having to have some sort of lookup table on our end.

This has been working excellently up until now. Apparently I overlooked the part in the docs where it’s not supported for transactions involving a Balance as I’m now implementing balance payouts to bank accounts and getting the error Metadata not supported for this type of transfer.

I’m disappointed that it works this way; at least for us it cuts off the utility of metadata at the knees. If we can’t rely on the metadata being there for some transfers then we can’t rely on it at all. I guess I’ll have to use correlationId with a lookup table now. But like I said doesn’t make sense to bifurcate logic for some types of transfers - might as well switch everything over to correlationId and dump metadata now.

This could have been a great feature - hope you folks will consider making it usable for all types of transfers.


Hey @abe thanks for reaching out, I definitely understand the use case and how problematic that this is for your development.

Our DevRel team has already created a request ticket for this issue, but I can add some notes to this as well to nudge some priority on this.

As far as a workaround for this, your use of the correlationId is currently the best alternative at this time.

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