Balance to Bank Transfers (faster payments api and metadata)

If I have funds in a balance/‘wallet’ can I withdraw those funds using same day ACH and RTP to the wallet holder’s bank account?

I also received an error when setting metadata for a transfer from balance to bank account (via PLAID processor token). Is this not supported?

Yes, If you are withdrawing funds via RTP from your Dwolla Client account or a business Verified Customer record. If you attempt an RTP withdraw from a personal Verified Customer record then you should get an error response of Real Time Payments withdrawal from a personal account is currently not supported. Same Day ACH withdraws is supported for all balance holding accounts.

Unfortunately we don’t support metadata on balance to bank or bank to balance transfers. We do have this as a Product feedback item that we’re hoping to support in the future. You could look at using the correlationId field as an alternative.

Thanks for the response.

To clarify… if a personal Verified Customer has a balance, they can not use RTP to transfer from that balance to a bank account?