Choosing correct API

Hi, can we use Dwolla API for transferring money from one bank account to another bank account in real-time?

If yes, then which type of payment API should I go with?


Hi @mjp1271994

We do not support bank-to-bank rtp transactions at this time. However, if an rtp transfer from Dwolla balance to bank is something that would still be useful for your use case, you can find an example on how to do this here

Hi, thanks for your response.

So if my portal has 2 customers and dwolla has their verified account details then can dwolla transfer amount from one customer bank account to another customer’s bank account?

Hi @mjp1271994

As long as both verified customers have verified bank accounts and it is not an rtp transaction, yes.

Ohh ok, so if I go with ACH transfer and if I send 100$ from account1 to account2 then how much time will it take to reflect credit transaction in account2?

With a standard transfer, funds are held 3-4 business days in case of a return code trigger. This article of ACH transfer times breaks it down for all other transfer types: