Get Bank account number details

Hey @spencer , I am trying to fetch bank account number in my sandbox application by following this documentation. . But i am getting this error “The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource.” Can you please help.
P.S. : There is a need in my application to show last 4 digitis of customer’s bank account number and that is how I ended up on this page. Please provide a proper guidence and correct me if i am wrong or misinterpreting something.
Thank you.

Hi @Saurav , The endpoint you are referencing is for viewing the routing details for a Virtual Account Number (VAN). Are you looking to utilize our VANs feature? If so, this requires a set of approvals to go through in order to enable.

It sounds like you’re looking to just retrieve the account details for a normal bank account. Would your app be able to capture the last 4 prior to passing that information to Dwolla and append it to the name field when creating a funding source for a user? We’ve seen other clients of ours do something similar to what I’ve described and it has worked well for them.

Hey @spencer , Thanks for the last advice , it worked, but now I want to fetch the account number and routing number of a bank funding source which is added using plaid integration in our application. So can you tell me how can I do that?

Hi @Saurav – this is possible to accomplish using Plaid’s API. You can call their /auth/get endpoint to retrieve the Account and Routing numbers of the bank account. Once retrieved, you can save the last 4 of the account number in your Database and display it in your app.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!

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It works @shreya. Thank you for your help

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