Getting 401 when using Drop In Components

Good day!

I am trying to test the drop-in components by following the guide in Dwolla Blog. Unfortunately, I am stuck with the 401 error.

I created the token using Postman (to simulate server-side action).

Sending the screenshot of the code and the output here.

Hi @mcolentava,

Ah looks like the code snippets in the blogpost need to be updated with the new “token” key-value pair updates.

Could you be getting an error because your token is wrapped in back-ticks?

token: () => Promise.resolve(`{{token:'xxxxxxx'}}`),

Would you be able to to replace that line with the following syntax and see if it goes through?

token: (req) => Promise.resolve({token: 'token123abcd'})

Thank you :slight_smile: This is resolved.

Attaching here the final code: In addition to this, I also realized that the token value should be the token generated through Dwolla Dashboard and not “Client Token” generated by the backend.

Thank you for the assistance.

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