Issue in Document Upload Drop in Component


We are trying to use Document Upload Drop In Component for Personally Verified Customer in React JS front End for our Sandbox application.

From our Server END, we are creating App access token and Client Token with action as “Customer.documents.create” and Customer ID.

When our Front END try to use the DWOLLA drop in component, we are seeing below two calls are made and we are getting error response in respective calls. Please let us know what we are missing.

Hi @PHCMSB – with the latest version of dwolla-web.js, the <dwolla-document-upload> flow component follows the same implementation as the <dwolla-business-vcr> component, which is implemented in this step-by-step guide - Generating Tokens For Drop-in Components | Dwolla API Documentation.

I’d recommend following the guide for information, but to summarize, you no longer need to manually generate the client-tokens when configuring a drop-ins component. Instead, throughout the flow of a component, the dwolla-web library will make multiple HTTP calls to an endpoint you have set up on your server side for fetching client-tokens as needed.

Here’s also an example for configuring and using the <dwolla-document-upload> component - UI Components Library | Dwolla API Documentation

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks, it helped

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