Getting error "Supplying ach addenda entries is currently not enabled" while creating mass payment

While Testing the APIs with the mass-payments in Sandbox, got an error if the ach addenda details are added. Without it, works fine. Is this only in Sandbox or also in production? Can someone help with this?

Hi @gokul,

That would be because the Addenda feature isn’t turned on by default in Sandbox, mimicking the behavior in Production where it would have to be turned on upon further approval by the Dwolla team.

Please let me know if you’d like us to turn on this feature for you in Sandbox! It would require either the email address or the Account ID for the sandbox account for which you’d like the Addenda feature.

Yes, @shreya please enable for the sandbox.

It should be turned on for you account now, Gokul! :+1:

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