Supplying ach addenda entries is currently not enabled


I’ll like to enable this option. My sandbox account is :

Hi @ricardo, This feature has been enabled on your Sandbox account. Let us know if you have any questions or run into issues!

Can I have it enabled as well? However, I don’t want to expose my email in public.

Hi @zrtsd, I have enabled this feature on your Sandbox account.

Can I have it enabled as well?

Hi @Mostafa_Zaid – Addenda has been enabled for you sandbox account! :+1:

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Hi @shreya, could you enable it for my sandbox account as well?

And one suggestion - when a production account gets upgraded to support addenda entries, automatically do the same for the sandbox. Otherwise testing is difficult :slight_smile:

Hi @Kushal_Byatnal! Addenda has been enabled for you Sandbox account under your email!

Thanks for the feedback! I will report back to our Product team with the above!
Currently, Sandbox and Production accounts aren’t linked together, so we don’t support automatic Sandbox feature enabling yet. However, we understand the need and ease of seamless testing, and will be working on further exploration to make it easier to test with different premium features in the Sandbox in the future!