How i can get detailed info about connected bank card

Hello, in my app I use Dwolla IAV. And can I add debit card by IAV? How can I get bank card number(last digits) and bank picture?

Hi @RussianPupok_Pupok

To add a debit card as a funding source, you need to use Dwolla-cards.js

Thanks, but can I get bank picture?

The debit card functionality does not produce a bank image. However, if you have an example of where you’ve seen this done before and can share a use case for it, I can write up a business case for the teams involved in this product.

No, IAV. When i use IAV i see bank picture, can i get it from dwolla API, when user already added bank?

Hi @RussianPupok_Pupok , Unfortunately the bank logo image is not something we return via the Dwolla API. However, we’ll be sure to pass this feedback along to our Product team for future iterations/versions of IAV!