Invalid access token while using Dwolla card.js

@shreya @kmoreira I am facing error “Invalid access token”, randomly when I try to add card using dwolla card.js

Hi @sud

Our tokens are valid for up to 60 min. You can create a new one after this time or utilize your key and secret to automate

@shreya @kmoreira
I was talking about scenario, when I have created card funding source token and pass it into Dwolla card.js UI. After that when I fill out card details and click “Go”, randomly it gives this "Invalid access token”

Hey @sud – would you be able to share an example Customer Id for whom you’ve tried generating card-tokens? We can take a look at our logs to see what’s up!

@shreya @kmoreira
Customer id: 37407656-b27b-4e43-8959-289ef43da893
Customer type: Receive only

My Dwolla account email id :

Thanks, @sud!

Will take a look and let you know what we find or if need any more info!

Hey @sud , looking at the logs, it looks like your code might be attempting to use a card token that has already been used up. I would double check that a fresh new token is being generated every time the card form is being called.

@shreya Nope. I know we can use card token only once, But sometimes it throws error “Invalid access token” error with new token as well

Can i get any reply for this?

Hey @sud – I’m asking our dev team to take a look into this again.

The tokens are one-time use (even if the first call to the API to create a funding source fails, a new token will need to be generated). Other than that we haven’t been able to reproduce this.

Hey @sud – would you be able to check if you are using idempotency-key header with your requests to generate a token?

I’m wondering if that’s what’s causing the same card token to be returned in the response, like in this other thread.

No, We are generating token without using idempotency-key. Should i use this key?

Hi @sud

The idempotency key prevents an operation from being performed more than once.

We tried recreating this error, and we can only get this error to occur when we reuse a card token to add a second card with it. Since it’s a one time use token, you need to make sure you’re generating a new token each time you create a new card.

I am generating a new token every time before creating the card. still its giving invalid token some time.

Hi @sud

What are you doing differently in the times where it is throwing the invalid token error?

I am reloading card.ejs again and try again to add the card. So the second time it is working.

@kmoreira just following up here, did you get a chance to look into this issue?

Hi @sud

Not sure if you still need help of this, but this sounds like a loading or binding error. Without looking at the way the code is structured I can make the assumptions that something isn’t binding dynamically to the event or there is a function being executed prior to another which may be taking longer to run in the first attempt

@kmoreira We have checked this in more detail and seems its issue when we hit submit button multiple times. We are using card.js to load form for input card details. When user input card detail and hit submit button, there is no progress bar/ loader image displayed, so user hit submit button again. in that case, It tries to create card using same funding source token multiple times. so, it will create one card and for second card, it will throw “invalid access token”. this is expected as its trying to use same token again.

Is there any way to prevent user from click on submit button multiple times? Can we show any progress wheel there? As we are using card.js we don’t have much option to write custom javascript to handle this. Please suggest.

thanks in advance.

Hi @sud

I’ll be investigating this today. Will get back to you asap