InvalidIavToken Error



New to Dwolla API. Following instructions from

I have copied the code from your example and replaced with generated IAV tokens several times. However, I consistently get the following error in javascript console.
Error: {“code”:“InvalidIavToken”,“message”:“Invalid IAV token.”} – Response: undefined

The IAV flow does not launch.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?


(Spencer Hunter) #2

@apuzinio, Are you able to provide any of your code where you’re calling the function within dwolla.js to initiate the IAV flow? My assumption is that you’re calling this multiple times and it’s invalidating the IAV token generated from your server.


Hi Spencer, thanks for getting back to me.

Link to html/javascript.

This should be identical to what you have in the tutorial docs. From the console it looks like I am only invoking the IAV flow once (the message I posted earlier).

Appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thanks!

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Thanks for the link @apuzinio, After refreshing it doesn’t appear that the value you have set for iavToken is changing. Are you going back to the server to generate a new IAV token every time dwolla.iav.start() is called?


I am.updating the IAV token value every time by calling the API with curl. Still trying to get the basic flow working so this is just an example similar to your tutorial docs. thanks!