January 2019 Updates - Featuring Operational Notifications

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January 2019 Updates - Featuring Operational Notifications

As we progress towards our mission of building the ideal platform to move money, we continually introduce ways to showcase our customers’ businesses and brands.
By listening to the needs of our API clients, we are able to evolve our offerings to better support their needs.
As we kick off the new year, we already have exciting developments from our engineering team.

Product enhancements we’ve made in the last month include:

  • Operational Notifications

A reminder:

  • Token Endpoint Update and Deprecation

And just for fun:

  • New office!

Operational Notifications

Operational Notifications are direct communications sent to a user when there is activity on their account. From account activity to transaction updates and user statuses, these operational alerts are necessary but difficult to implement yourself.

We are excited to release an alternative to our customers that are focused on getting launched with the Dwolla platform quickly, while protecting their consumers. Dwolla’s Operational Notifications removes the burden of creating and sending up to 27 operational emails from our customers.

With Operational Notifications, Dwolla empowers customers with the ability to brand their emails and have them sent with the same reliability as other API integrators have found in our webhooks.

A Friendly Reminder – Token Endpoint Change

Dwolla allows an application to request an access token using its Client ID and Client Secret by leveraging the Client Credentials OAuth grant type. Access tokens are used to make requests to the Dwolla API on behalf of an application and its users (Customers).

With this update, the token URL as well as the manner in which an application’s client credentials are sent to Dwolla, will change to be inline with OAuth spec.

To make the transition easier, we have updated our documentation as well as Dwolla supported SDKs to use this new token endpoint. Please review our developer documentation and allow ample time for testing the new token endpoint in Dwolla’s Sandbox environment prior to February 11th, 2019.

The new token exchange endpoint is https://accounts.dwolla.com/token

This API breaking change coincides with the sunset of our legacy v1 API and enhances the underlying services that power our v2 API. Moving to this new endpoint will provide better stability as well as error handling when obtaining an access token from the Dwolla API.

Just for fun

We moved into a new office.

With more space comes more room to grow. Want to be a part of a growing team? View our engineering positions.

(Ps. we now offer a 401k match as well)

What’s next?

As we push to 2019, our product roadmap is chock full of feature enhancements to delight and satisfy our API customers, with the intent of bringing additional value to those businesses that currently leverage Dwolla’s Platform.

Let’s chat, what kind of product improvements are you looking for? How can we continue to make the platform better?