Managed Dwolla Customer onboarding

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if there’s any interest in a fully-managed Dwolla Customer onboarding/signup service. Basically you put a “Connect with Dwolla” button on your website, it redirects to my page (with your branding on it), I handle the entire Dwolla Customer signup flow (all the forms, including beneficial owners, doc upload, error codes etc.), and redirect back to your website with a Customer ID that you attach to your user. Saving you weeks of development time.

I’ve created a launch page here you can sign up at if this is something that interests you:

At this point I’m just gauging interest before building; if enough people want it I will build it.

An additional feature I’d throw in would be mobile document upload, which I’ve found useful (so you can use a QR code or SMS message to upload documents via your phone camera).

Hi @abe,

Solid work! In case you missed it in the forum, Dwolla does offer drop-in components which are reusable components available to our Clients and the open source community.

Would you be interested in open sourcing your sign up flow as well? If so let us know. We are building more open source projects that will be released for the community this year as well.

If this was done on behalf of your company we’d love for you to sign up to be an integration partner as well.

Hi @kmoreira,

I did notice the drop-in components when that was announced. Looking back at it now, I think my initial impression of it was wrong. I had thought it was mainly a set of frontend components, but I see now that an Express server is also available.

Still, I’ll keep my signup page floating here for a while in case there’s interest in a fully-managed solution, in case people don’t want to operate and maintain their own dwolla-v2 backends and/ or integrate the frontend components into their site.

Definitely - I planned on doing it that way so I could get the necessary permissions to create Customers on behalf of users.

Thanks for the input!

I would consider open sourcing the code, although not sure what value it would provide compared to providing the service. It would be an extraction from a larger Rails app with React components that was used for a Dwolla integration into a standalone service.

The service itself I would charge to operate.