Mass Payment and transfer query

When we hit a transfer api , it returns the status of pending,does that mean the payment will be successfull?and how to handle the case in our development when to mark the payment as completed or do we assume that if pending is the status showing that means the payment will be completed only for sure?Also how do we save the timestamp for transaction status in progress and then completed?

Hi @Dikshita_Mahajan – In Sandbox, the transfer will remain pending until you either manually or programmatically simulate bank transfer processing to mark the transfer as processed. Here we have more details on how to accomplish that - Testing ACH, RTP, P2D, and VANs Transfers in the Dwolla Sandbox | Dwolla API Documentation

As for capturing the timestamp for transfer statuses other that the “created” timestamp, you can use the webhook requests related to transfers and their timestamps!

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any questions!

Hi I also want to know how do i test failed cases in sandbox , for example i want to test that the account number is incorrect but i am not able to test it in sandbox as it considers all account number as invalid,Could you please help me with any one of the failed cases which i can perform so that i get a failed response and customise the code based on that.

Hi @Dikshita_Mahajan , I’m assuming you’re wanting to test the scenario where a payment fails because a bank account was added with an invalid account number? If so, this scenario would likely trigger an ACH return code R03 (No account, unable to locate account). You should be able to replicate this scenario in our Sandbox environment by updating the funding source name to the value of R03; then send and process a test transfer. Referenced in our docs here.