Sandbox Bank Transfers Stay Pending [Solved]

(Brandon Fredericksen) #1

I am trying to test bank transfers on sandbox, but they never seem to process. They stay at pending. I have orders on sandbox that are still pending from July.

Is there any way to test transfers fully? I know I can use account balance to test, and that is working great. I just wanted to be able to test transfers as well.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@2mellow, The Sandbox environment does not replicate any bank transfer processes, so a pending transfer will not clear or fail automatically after a few business days as it would in production. The transfer will simply remain in the pending state indefinitely.

To process a pending transfer, there’s a “Process bank transfers” button available in the Sandbox Dashboard (, which will process the last 500 bank transfers that occurred on your Sandbox account and Customer accounts you manage (if applicable).

Similar functionality to the button is available in the API by making a POST request to with an empty request body.

(Brandon Fredericksen) #3

Oh I had not seen the new dashboard. Very cool. However, when I click the button it says “No pending ACH records to process”… But I see my pending transactions here still.

(Brandon Fredericksen) #4

Never mind, you have to press the button on the account used to make the purchase, not the receiving account. Thanks!