Sandbox bank transfers stuck in pending state

Bank transfers are stuck in pending state in my sandbox. I’ve pushed the ‘Process Bank Transfers’ button a dozen times, and my application posts to

I do get the notification ‘ACH Processing successfuly triggered for 1 transactions’, but my transaction remains pending.

My sandbox key is
The currently stuck transaction id is 50077fa2-15be-eb11-8132-d318fb11ef4e

Same problem here, starting today (was working yesterday).

Sandbox key

Hi @gfb107 and @Michael_Behrns-Mille

I went ahead and erased your keys from the forum since this is sensitive information that should not be shared with the public.

We’re doing some investigating to see what may be happening in regards to the pending transfers

@Michael_Behrns-Mille Can you share the transaction id for the one stuck on pending?

@gfb107 I just checked the status of 50077fa2-15be-eb11-8132-d318fb11ef4e and it states that it was processed

My currently stuck transaction is 2df2a2bb-23be-eb11-8132-d318fb11ef4e

@gfb107 Can you hit the “Process bank transfers” button once more?

Pushed, got the notifcation that 2 ACH transfers were triggered.

But no webhooks, and the transaction is still pending. And my app continues posting to

The initial bank transfer has completed, but the final bank transfer is still pending:






  • Sender’s bank to balance Processed 2cf2a2bb-23be-eb11-8132-d318fb11ef4e
  • Receiver’s balance to bank Pending ecf2d622-32be-eb11-8132-d318fb11ef4e

Hey @gfb107

There’s a fix that’s going on for this now. Should be okay in about 15 min. Let us know if not!

Thanks for the update.

The final bank transfer has now completed, with all expected webhooks.

I had submitted another bank-to-bank transfer.

I will report back either way.

Things seem to be working well.


Thanks for the update, Greg!