Transfer substeps occurred but stuck in "Pending"

Hello! I performed several transactions to accomplish a large transfer. The first had 10 transactions, and all completed. The second had 15, and 14 completed, but the 15th one got stuck in pending.

transfer ID: bfad667d-2054-eb11-812b-eb1777c8247b

The dwolla API dashboard reported “there’s something wrong” several times, but by hitting “Retry” several times, I got passed that. But it seems I have no way to get this transaction out of pending, into processed state.

Thanks for the help!

P.S. Here are the substeps:

Sender’s bank to balance
Receiver’s balance to bank

Hi @Michael_Behrns-Mille! Looks like there may have been an issue updating the Transfer status. Would you be able to give it a look again? It should be updated to `processed now! Let me know!

Thank you - the transaction is now processed. But the webhook never fired. I guess I’ll chalk it up to a hiccup. Thanks for the help.

Ah yes, the manual process of marking the transaction as processed on our end doesn’t fire webhooks. But this is a rare edge case.