On Boarding Question


We are going through the onboarding application and there are a couple of questions:

  1. Are we required to have a 2 step acceptance Privacy & Terms and Service
  2. Are we required to display the Dwolla’s Terms and Services in our process

Two-step acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is required if your application is on-boarding your end-users as the Verified or Unverified Customer type in Dwolla. Recive-only users do not require this two step acceptance (this Customer type is used for payouts only).

Two step acceptance includes a two step process the user must take such as a checking a checkbox and clicking an “Agree and Continue” button which confirms explicit acceptance.

In addition to a checkbox, Agree and Continue button, and text which includes hyperlinks to the Dwolla TOS and PP, you will need to embed a snippet of text within your own Terms of Service. Example language should be outlined in the Integration Guide that is available in the Dwolla Dashboard upon account signup.


For Receiving-only users, these are users that are the recipients of an ACH payment, you’re saying they would not need to complete a 2 step acceptance process?

Hi @ngivoni , that’s correct. You would still need to include a snippet of text in your Terms of Service that includes Dwolla specific language for this Customer type.