Payment_processor_id Issue

I have successfully integrated Dwolla With MX API and completed the client guide step(Client guide ) but I am facing a problem in the next step I want to generate an Access token for that I need payment_processor_id (Processor guide) but I am unable to find the payment_processor_id, So can u please help me to get the payment_processor_id.

Hi @Bal – the Processor guide you linked above is actually for the payment processor, which is Dwolla in this case. So, you do not need to go through those docs.

After going through the Client guide, you should now have an authorization code which you will need to send to Dwolla in order to create an Exchange. You will then use that exchange to create a funding-source for your Customer.

Hope that helps! We also have an example app that you can reference when building our your MX secure exchange flow! Here is where we are creating an exchange with the MX token.

ok @shreya mam thanks for your help

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