Using Plaid + Dwolla

i am using plaid+ dwolla
i have open plaid FI and enter Useid and password
succssfully verified than i got public_token and i call plaid
call successfully
i have got this response

“{\n “access_token”: “access-sandbox-643110c3-b16e-4f70-9d34-6d1ac19b9f72”,\n “item_id”: “QlJ8dGGg5dIxVNLKy1rGT9dQApvnZLspky7Pk”,\n “request_id”: “f4Cco3uS6Ik888e”\n}”

how can i get processor_token by access_token and item_id

Hi @Sateesh_Kr_Maurya, It looks like you’ve made it to step 4 of this guide. Once you have the access_token for the Item , you’ll create a Dwolla processor_token. The request will look something like the following:

# Create processor token
curl -X POST \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-d '{
  "client_id": "[Plaid Client ID],
  "secret": "[Plaid secret]",
  "access_token": "[Access token]",
  "account_id": "[Account ID]",

After you’ve obtained the processor token then that will be sent to the Dwolla API with this request.

where will i get Account ID
in ```
onSuccess: function (public_token, metadata)
in metadata accountid null ,

when we use Account_id=Item_Id

“{\n “display_message”: null,\n “error_code”: “INVALID_ACCOUNT_ID”,\n “error_message”: “One or more Account id(s) missing or deleted”,\n “error_type”: “INVALID_INPUT”,\n “request_id”: “YunWjipp6zQS9u0”,\n “suggested_action”: null\n}”