Error requesting Processor Tokens in the Plaid + Dwolla Integration guide

I understand this is being hosted by Plaid, so you can’t directly update their website - but there is an error in their implementation guide to receive a Processor Token and subsequently connect a bank account. The code provided in the documentation/guide will not work, as there is no longer a “ProcessorTokenCreate” method. It has been renamed to “dwollaBankAccountTokenCreate”. These conclusions are being made just by me poking around in the code, so I’m not sure what direction Plaid is actually going - or what method is the new one, and which is the old one. I’m using plaid-python v 3.7.0.

Old, broken method:
client.Processor.ProcessorTokenCreate(access_token, plaid_account_id, “dwolla”)

Correct method:
create_response = plaid_client.Processor.dwollaBankAccountTokenCreate(access_token, plaid_account_id)

Thanks for passing this along @jmtichell! We’ll work with the Plaid team directly to update this for clarity.