Personal VCR component allows submission even if checkbox unchecked


(I fixed the issue in this message but the checkbox issue described in the reply below is still an issue)

Another issue with the component (personal verified customer)…apparently, you can submit the form for customer creation without checking that the terms of service have been agreed to…(see attached gif…all info is fake test info)

Is it possible to set the customer’s correlation ID on form submission? The component allows some attributes to be pre-filled (at least email, first and last name). I tried to also preset the correlationId but it didn’t get set on the customer when it was created. Could we add functionality to do a correlationId = on the component and have it set when the customer is created?


Hi @tony915 – Thanks for detailed report!

While the button is active after all information is entered, hitting Submit without checking the box for TOS and PP will throw an error which is displayed in the component.

We do support adding a correlationId. You should be able to add one like so -


Would you be able to give that a try and let us know if you see the expected results?

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TY for the response @shreya, I went ahead and tried it. You are correct, one the initial submission attempt, the personal VCR component renders a warning message if the checkbox is not checked. Also, a correlationId can be passed in on customer creation :slight_smile: .

However, if a user checks the box, then unchecks it, then creates a customer, the customer creation is allowed to continue and is not blocked :frowning: .

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Ah I see! Thanks for clarifying that and for the accompanying gif!

I shall let our team know and we can create a ticket to fix that!


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