Ability to Update Customer correlation ids

From internal testing and confirming with the docs, https://docs.dwolla.com/#update-a-customer - it looks as though you cannot update a customer correlation id via the api. Is this something that will likely change in future? Thanks

Hi @syngency team – there haven’t been plans to add support for updating the correlationID, but I will make sure to log this as feedback for our Product team! It’d be great if you could provide some example scenarios where this could add more value. I’d be happy to add more details to the feedback ticket.

Sure, due to not being able to reset the sandbox env, I’ve found in my integration testing that I get errors due to new fixtures generated in my local test setup create new UUID’s that do not match what is already in Dwolla. This is what highlighted the issue for me. But more to the point, as a correlation id is a non generated Dwolla value, it makes it much more difficult for integrators of Dwolla to be bound to this value that Dwolla is not responsible for.

Eg I can imagine that an integrator of Dwolla is using Auto Increment IDs internally. As time goes by and the integrators’ model changes and UUID’s come into play. But the integrator would have to retain a link from the new UUID’s to the Auto Increment ID’s due to Dwolla not allowing the change. Ideally, the integrator should (IMO) has access to alter the correlation value they themselves provided.

Just thinking, additionally, if there is a concern that giving the caller the option to update the correlation_id will break their own integration, I think that is the purely the responsibility of the integrator. But it’s not really a risk because we still have the unique email address that can be access and re-mapped back on incorrect correlation_id associations.

Thanks for the detailed explanation above, team! I have logged the feedback into a ticket and added those details.

As for the concern, I’m not entirely sure. It will likely be discussed when the ticket is evaluated, but I’ll be sure to add what you mentioned above!