Personal Verified Customer Drop In Component - Usage of tokenUrl config

Hello, I’m trying to use the personal-vcr drop in component to create a user and I’m somewhat confused when it comes to the token url. Is this just a url to an endpoint on my server that’s called by you guys in order to create a user on my behalf. If so, how come the request body that is passed in to my endpoint by you guys is empty and also where do I specify the create customer action or is that handled by you guys when you call my token url. Thanks

Closing the loop here. This was answered in a different post.

That’s correct! The endpoint of your server will be set up to call the `/client-tokens’ endpoint with the request body that the drop-in component passes back to you. It will include the action and any links related to the action. You shouldn’t have to specify the action; it is handled by the drop-in component when it calls you token URL.

Hope that helps! Let. us know if you have any questions!