Postman Noobie Questions

Hello there,

I am having some trouble understanding / fixing this error in Postman whenever I am making a call to retrieve general customer information

{ "code": "InvalidCredentials", "message": "Missing or invalid Authorization header." }

I have tried following this and I have gotten pretty far with it in regards to seeing my auth token. However, when I try to send GET /POST request to the other URLs, I run into that error or this Request is missing required HTTP header 'Accept'

Help would be great! Thank You

Hi @akikoLPF

It sounds like you may be under the wrong environment in Postman. Remember to select Dwolla API Sandbox on the upper right drop down. If you’re still having trouble feel free to send over a screenshot

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Hey there,

So I noticed I was not in the dwolla api sandbox part, but once I switched over to it, I still am receiving the same errors.

However, I can retrieve my list of customers!

Hi @akikoLPF

Can you show me where you’re setting the value of client_id and client_secret?

Screenshot resource: Using Postman to explore and debug Dwolla's v2 API

I also don’t see the accountid being passed into the GET req

Also adding that tokens are good for only 1 hr in case this is occurring passed 60 min.

If you would like to pass in a valid token which you created via the dashboard, one way to do it would be to copy/paste it into the authorization Headers